We are a family run local business established in 1965.

All aspects of driveways undertaken including:
Block Paving • Tarmac • Concrete • gravel

Each individual driveway carried out from the customers inspiration and need.
Catering for members of the public and commercial clientele.


Block paving for driveways is a popular choice due to the many different colours and almost countless different designs that can be created to suit and enhance each individual property’s appearance.

We supply the best materials for the job, creating paving work that has a professional fitting and is in keeping with the rest of your property. Our workers are able to advise you on the products available, and, once this has been decided, design the whole project for you before carrying out the work with a professional and efficient approach. Whether for a driveway or a patio, at a domestic or commercial site, our friendly team of experts will install only the best quality paving for your property.



At Advanced Paving Ltd, we also off a repair and restoration service. Over time the elements together with the growth of weeds, tree roots, subsidence, heavy traffic or just bad workmanship, monoblock and pattern imprinted concrete etc, can suffer serious damage. Eventually if left the problems may become irreversible.

Pointing can crack and become dislodged, slabs and blocks can sink or wobble. All of which will start to look unsightly, not to mention becoming a hazard to anyone using the area

We offer a full repair and restoration service from re-setting a couple of sunken blocks to complete overhauls including driveway sealing and re-coloring of faded and worn driveways.



Whether you want an additional recreational area to entertain friends, a clean quiet place to enjoy a coffee and a book, a private place to lie and soak up the sun or just want to increase the value of your home, creating a great first impression to visitors; We at Monarch Drives & Patios can create a patio for you that you will be proud of.

There are many different designs and colours to choose from and different materials that can be used to create a patio that will compliment your home:

Slabs, Concrete, Natural Stone, Bricks or Slate.

After carrying out a free, no-obligation site survey we offer our suggestions and advice as to your best solution that would best suit your requirements and budget.


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