A garden is so much more than just an outdoor area. It’s an extension of your home, your lifestyle: YOU.

Advanced Paving Ltd specialise in a wide range of garden landscaping services, tackling the jobs you haven’t got the time or expertise to manage yourself.

So whether you’re after a complete garden transformation, a low maintenance gravel garden or just some new fencing or turfing, why not let us do the hard work for you? Getting the stunning garden you want just might be easier than you think.


We have a skilled fencing team that can repair, renovate or install new wooden fencing at your home. Using only the finest wooden materials on the market, we guarantee that you will love not only our prices but also the finished wooden fencing. We can install a wide range of fencing including gravel boards, concrete posts, bricks combined with fencing, garden fencing and more.


We have a team of landscapers whose speciality is turfing. We lay the highest quality turf and are very competitive on jobs of all sizes.

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